The House Is Burnin’


1. Opus In Sawdust Alley (Sample Track)

2. Don't Walk Away (Sample Track)

3. Stop Lying In My Face (Sample Track)

4. Coffee Man (Sample Track)

5. Ladies Please Touch Me (Sample Track)

6. Sweet Lovin' Man (Sample Track)

7. The House Is Burnin' Down (Sample Track)

8. Please Love Me (Sample Track)

9. Message To Man (Sample Track)

10. Woman Hollering Creek (Sample Track)

11. Merry Christmas Baby (Sample Track)

12. The Christmas Song (Sample Track)

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About Album

The prolific Calvin Owens is back with his multi-faceted orchestra,entertaining us, amazing us, and moving us. This new recording splendidly documents his latest collaborations, compositions and arrangements and it
demonstrates once again what Calvin’s fans have long known: the maestro is a man of expansive musical vision.


Making this disc a special treat, Calvin features an impressive cast of guest artists from his hometown, Houston, Texas. Supported by the consummate musicianship of the savvy players in his large ensemble, there are vibrant appearances by veteran saxophonist Grady Gains, as well as
vocal leads by the passionate Trudy Lynn, the impeccable Gloria Edwards and the brilliant Leonard “Low Down” Brown. And when he’s not finessing that trumpet, Calvin himself delivers some of the best singing on record to date.


Calvin Owens has been named for the second year in succession to be Most Outstanding Blues Musician by the Living Blues Magazines’ Critics Awards in the category of sax, trumpet, or horn section.


Big Band Blues at its finest. Calvin Owens is one of the worlds top Blues Trumpet players and was B.B. King’s Grammy Award winning bandleader and arranger for many years in the early days of B.B. King’s career.

Artist: Calvin Owens

Label: Instrumental

Release Date: January 01, 2002

People: Calvin Owens