She’s Lookin’ Good

She's Lookin' Good


1. Can Your Monkey Do the Dog (Sample Track)

2. I Wanna Know Why (Sample Track)

3. Three Time Loser (Sample Track)

4. She's Lookin' Good (Sample Track)

5. I'm Mr. Big Stuff (Sample Track)

6. A Man of Many Words (Sample Track)

7. I Get a Groove (Sample Track)

8. When Girls Do It (Sample Track)

9. Give It to Me (Sample Track)

10. Sawed Off Shotgun (Sample Track)

11. Something Inside of Me (Sample Track)

12. Soul Sister (Sample Track)

13. Lickin' Stick (Sample Track)

14. You Eat Too Much (Sample Track)

15. Homework (Sample Track)

16. Stick 'n' Stay (Sample Track)

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About Album

She’s Lookin’ Good – Mitchell T. & the HB’s (Mitchell T. Palmer & The Hash Brown Band) Recorded in 1997 – This quintessential party record features 16 great Blues and Old School R&B classics superbly performed by the world renowned Hash Brown Band and Mitch Palmer letting loose with some outstanding vocals. She’s Lookin’ Good is definitely the real deal!

Artist: Mitchell T.

Label: Party Music

Release Date: January 13, 2015

People: Mitchell T.