Bust Out

Bust Out


1. Bust Out (Sample Track)

2. Louisiana Lava Man (Sample Track)

3. Dynomite Nitro (Sample Track)

4. Bertha Lu (Sample Track)

5. Scratchy (Sample Track)

6. Wild Cherry (Sample Track)

7. Delivery Boy (Sample Track)

8. Dux (Sample Track)

9. Taken For A Ride (Sample Track)

10. Double Dip (Sample Track)

11. Queen Of The Hop (Sample Track)

12. Steel Trap (Sample Track)

13. Wild Angels (aka. Blues Theme) (Sample Track)

14. Made Up My Mind (Sample Track)

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About Album

The tradition of Texas blues is as wide as Texas itself. Sometimes it is easy to wonder if new blood can be struck from the same old vein. Just the opposite would be true of Robin Sylar. Faithful but forceful interpretations of vintage instrumentals are only a part of the Sylar story. Robin Sylar has played with blues icons Stevie Ray Vaughan (in their group Crackerjack), Doyle Bramhall (bass, guitar & vocals – Bird Nest on the Ground), James Harmon, Big Joe Turner, George Smith, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Marcia Ball, Randy Mcallister, Robert Ealey, U.P. Wilson and even joined Canned Heat for a year. In this, his second recording for Topcat records, Robin Sylar has achieved a consistency of feeling that is rare in today’s blues recordings. His song writing is a breath of cool air in a crowded train car, something too refreshing to go un-noticed. The band used by Sylar for the session was comprised of Phil Bennison (pka. Homer Henderson) and Jim Milan on bass, Rex Mauney on keyboards and superb drumming by Kevin Schermerhorn. Besides tearing up the stage across Texas, Robin Sylar’s a guy that likes to have fun-and on this recording session, he’ll take you to the limit. Producer Wes Race just let these guys do it their way and it shows right from the blistering first track: “Bust Out,” to the finale “Flashback,” an eight minute and 40 second guitar lesson! Some of the major highlights start at #3: “Dynomite Nitro”, an up-tempo shuffle, complete with an appropriate amount of vocal distortion which sounds like he’s singing through an old 60s “Fuzzbox!” Number four. (Bertha Lu) takes on a tough edge with some hilarious lyrics. The song “Scratchy” is a cross between Link Wray and Davie Allan & The Arrows, with Fahey-esque sound effects-and all hell breaks loose! His guitar takes a step beyond on track #6: “Wild Cherry.” There are fifteen tracks, and you’ve got to think fun. That’s what this record is all about-hell raising. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins would’ve loved these guys. Check ’em out and put a smile on your face!

Artist: Robin Sylar

Label: Party Music

Release Date: January 01, 2001

People: Robin Sylar