Blues by the Pound, Vol. 1

Blues by the Pound, Vol. 1


1. Introduction (Live) (Sample Track)

2. Chicken Shack Boogie (Live) (Sample Track)

3. She Split (Live) (Sample Track)

4. Really Gone (Live) (Sample Track)

5. Soon Forgotten (Live) (Sample Track)

6. Okie Dokie Stomp (Live) (Sample Track)

7. Too Much Jelly Roll (Live) (Sample Track)

8. She Fooled Me This Time (Live) (Sample Track)

9. Tribute to T-Bone Walker (Live) (Sample Track)

10. Love Her with a Feeling (Live) (Sample Track)

11. Linda Lu (Live) (Sample Track)

12. Nit Wit (Live) (Sample Track)

13. Road Camp Blues (Fats Solo) [Live] (Sample Track)

14. Good Night (Live) (Sample Track)

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About Album

TopCat Records is proud to announce the new CD release – Blues By The Pound – Volume 1 – The Hollywood Fats Band Live!


This inspiring historical recording of previously unreleased tracks was culled from sizzling performances by these legendary Blues virtuosos in 1979 and 1980 at the fabled Keystone in Palo Alto, the White House in Laguna Beach and the Musicians Union Local 7 in Santa Ana.


Fats began playing guitar at the age of 10 and proceeded to spend his remaining two decades playing with seminal Blues & Rock pioneers including John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Shakey Jake Harris, Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, William Clarke, James Harman, Smokey Wilson, Canned Heat, The Blasters, The Paladins and, of course, the venerated Hollywood Fats Band.


Even after more than thirty years after his untimely passing, Hollywood Fats’ presence and influence are still strongly felt. He was truly a musician’s musician. Hollywood Fats (Michael Mann) was born in 1954 and sadly passed away in 1986, before receiving widespread recognition of his creativity and musical genius. He did manage to make a name for himself and is considered by many to be one of the finest guitar slingers to ever walk the planet, an undisputed reputation that lives on to this day.


This amazing CD swings, shuffles, rocks and implants itself into a stone-cold groove as these fiery Blues wizards tear it up with a relentless barrage of tasty, white-hot classic Blues nuggets. It’s Old School Chicago Urban Blues meets Texas style House-Rockin’ Blues meets Swingin’ West Coast Jump Blues, spontaneously created by an elite combination of musicians in performances that are nothing less than spectacular.


If you want incendiary guitar impeccably played with seat-of-the-pants creativity, consummate finesse and the coolest Rock n’ Roll rhythms, topped off with soulful vocals, impeccable boogie-woogie piano, dynamite harmonica and outstanding bass and drums, then look no further! This is IT! You just don’t get this every day!

Artist: Hollywood Fats Band

Label: Live Recordings

Release Date: April 04, 2019

People: Hollywood Fats Band

Album Reviews

 La Hollywood Fats Band fue una banda legendaria de jump blues y sonido West Coast durante los años setenta. No en vano en esta formación militaban el guitarrista Hollywood Fats (Michael Mann), el armonicista y cantante Al Blake, Fred Kaplan al piano, Larry Taylor al bajo y contrabajo y Richard Innes a la batería. Desgraciadamente Fats falleció prematuramente en 1986 con sólo treinta y dos años, motivo por el cual la banda se disolvió. Su técnica y sonido a la guitarra ha sido ampliamente estudiada e imitada por muchísimos guitarristas de blues. El único disco oficial que grabaron se ha convertido en motivo de culto y veneración por parte de todos los aficionados al blues y es buscado por los aficionados actuales. Muchos han lamentado que no existieran más grabaciones de esta fabulosa y pionera banda de culto reverenciada hasta el infinito. Afortunadamente ahora el sello TopCat publica unas nuevas grabaciones inéditas realizadas entre 1979 y 1980 capturadas en directo desde tres clubs diferentes como son el Keystone en Palo Alto, The White House en Laguna Beach y The Musicians Union Local 7 en Santa Ana, las tres poblaciones situadas en California. Aunque la calidad de la grabación de las catorce canciones seleccionados para la ocasión no es sobresaliente, este disco constituye sin duda un documento histórico que nos permite apreciar en toda su relevancia y magnitud la calidad y el dominio del sonido ‘West Coast blues’ de este soberbio e histórico grupo. BUENISIMO.

The Hollywood Fats Band was a legendary jump and West Coast blues band during the 70’s. Not in vain the musicians who formed it were guitar player Hollywood Fats (Michael Mann), harmonica player and singer Al Blake, Fred Kaplan on piano, Larry Taylor on bass and double bass and Richard Innes on drums. Unfortunately Fats died in 1986 when he was only thirty-two, and the band fell apart. Over the years Fats guitar sound has been studied and copied by most blues guitar players. The only album they recorded has been worshipped and venerated by all blues fans and now it is much sought after by actual blues followers. Many of them have complained there were no more recordings of this pioneer fabulous cult band which has been eternally worshipped. Fortunately now TopCat Records publishes some recordings coming from 1979 and 1980 captured live from three different clubs, Keystone in Palo Alto, The White House in Laguna Beach and The Musicians Union Local 7 in Santa Ana, the three located in California. Although the quality of the fourteen songs selected for this recording is not really outstanding, undoubtedly this album is a historical document that allows us to appreciate in all its relevance and magnitude the mastery, knowledge and amazing technique of West Coast blues this superb and historic group possessed. GREAT. 

Vicente "Harmonica" Zumel